contemplating karst

I'm a computer science student who no longer believes in computers or science. So, I skip all of my lectures and read literature instead. Why not switch to being a literature major, then? Well, I'd prefer to keep believing in literature.

Nowadays "computer science student" is also synonymous with "gamer", and it follows that I'm not a gamer either. I used to be, though. I'm an ex-gamer now. A retired gamer. A recovering gamer. The last is probably most accurate, since I have not quit entirely. I still play several arcade rhythm games. A couple times per week, I drive to the arcade as if it were a methadone clinic, to receive my doses of gaming doled out in one-credit portions.

For many years, if you asked me what my hobbies were or what I did in my free time, I would struggle to come up with anything other than gaming. Now all of the nascent interests that were suppressed by gaming are expanding to fill the void. Lately, I have been dabbling in waterfall hikes, cooking, canned coffee, and weightlifting. I also have a penchant for travel (often by train), usually with friends, some of whom I even met while gaming. I'm loath to discuss it, but I'm an amateur [REDACTED] as well.

I'm also trying to get away from consumption and start getting into creation. I have been taking all my life, but now I feel that it's time to give back. That's what you're seeing right here.

Perhaps you were also expecting a list of Favorite Media Franchises or the results of some personality tests. I think their absence says more than their presence could. Instead, browse the site and read what's around. I will try to make sure there is plenty to make up for what may lack here.